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Cars are Washed with Filtered Water!
Give your vehicle the care it deserves
with our detailing services.

Pursuing the Next Level of Service

What sets apart a powerhouse of a vehicle from a merely presentable one?
Here at Grand Prix Car Wash, we think that it’s more than just specs or substance. How fast your car can drive is one thing, and the expense of its build is another. But nothing quite substitutes for the “wow” factor of seeing a vehicle in pristine condition pull up in front of you.
Having an eye for detail has its own perks. Do your tires have the crisp look of a better-than-brand-new vehicle? Are your floor mats soft to the touch? Does your car smell and feel like a new creation?

We’ve provided our lovely community with vehicle detailing for several years now. We’re happy whenever we see one of your automobiles treated by us running down the freeway. A clean car makes the road a better place to drive on.

Get the Plan That’s Right for You

We provide a number of detailing packages to cater to any need. Our shampooing plans will give your interior’s upholstery and floors the treatment needed to make your next drive extra comfortable. Get your car waxed and buffed, or get your wheels cleaned to a rich shine.
Image of a auto detailing

Optional Services

If you need something that’s not included in your particular chosen package, we can customize for an extra fee. Consider our generous line of detailing options when considering how to get your car treated. Whatever your issue is, it’ll be taken care of.

Come in Today

When you come to Grand Prix Car Wash, you can rest assured that your car will be given the best treatment possible. We’ll give your vehicle the detail it needs to stand out in any venue.