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Why You Should Keep Your Car Waxed

Polishing Car Body
Washing your car is enough of a hassle, especially when it seems like it gets dirty again right away. Waxing is even more of a job, and it's easy to skip, especially if you don't really understand just how beneficial it is. You shouldn't skip waxing your car, though, even if it is a big job. Here's why.

Make It Shine Like New

Even if your car is clean, without wax, the paint job might look a bit dull. When you first bought your car, you might have always wanted to show your vehicle off. Now, you might not feel like it's much to show off at all.
A good wax job can help you feel totally differently about the look of your vehicle. When waxed, even older cars often look shiny and new. You might not even recognize your car at first after it's done.

Protect the Paint and Clear Coat

Making your car look nice and shiny is a good thing, of course, but a nice shine is far from the best benefit of waxing your car. The true benefit is the fact that waxing does a great job of protecting your car's paint job. When your car gets dirty, it doesn't just look bad. Depending on the substance that gets on your car, dirt and other debris could damage the clear coat on your paint job.
These are some of the substances that wax can help protect your clear coat and paint job from:
  • Road salt
  • Insects
  • Bird droppings
  • Tree sap
When you wax your car, these substances don't have direct contact with your clear coat and paint. Instead, the wax creates a protective barrier. This helps prevent damage to your clear coat until you're able to wash your car.
Additionally, wax helps protect your vehicle from the sun's rays. You've probably seen older cars that had faded paint jobs, and you might not want your vehicle to have the same fate. Over the years, UV rays can lead to fading, but wax helps slow down and prevent this process.

Simplify the Cleaning Process Later

Washing your car is a big job, and it might be something that you dread. You may scrub and scrub and use tons of different cleaners and chemicals to try to get rid of dirt, mud, debris and other substances.
But getting your car clean doesn't have to be this hard. When it's waxed, it's much easier to clean. Inbetween washings, you can even just spray it off with a water hose, and you'll be able to get a lot of the dirt and debris off.

Help Your Car Stay Valuable

You might have spent a lot of money on your car. Even though you probably didn't necessarily look at its purchase as being an investment, you probably want to maintain your car's value if you can. To do that, you need to take good care of it. Of course, that involves things like keeping up with oil changes, filter changes, and other maintenance. It also involves taking care of the exterior and the interior.
Waxing is part of essential maintenance, as waxing helps keep your car looking good for longer, which helps keep it from losing value too quickly. If you wash and wax your car regularly and keep the paint job in good shape, you can get a better offer when you take it to a dealership to trade it in or when you advertise it for private sale. This makes waxing more than worth it.
Plus, your car will really shine when you show it off to potential buyers or take pictures of it to add to your advertisement if it's waxed.
Waxing your car is important, but that doesn't mean that it's an easy job. You don't have to do the work yourself, though. Use our services at Grand Prix Car Wash so you can get professional results and the benefits of waxing without having to break a sweat.