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Cars are Washed with Filtered Water!
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Vehicle Hand Waxing in San Pablo, California

Set Your Car Apart with a Shine

You want your car to stand out. In a crowd or on the freeway, you want to be seen as the car owner who drives with confidence. You might drive fast and smoothly, but what does your car’s appearance say to a passerby?
You’ll want a good waxing to keep your car’s body lustrous and sleek for years to come. Prevent rusting and peeling with our waxing and buffing services. They provide more than just a classy appearance; they’ll give your car the full body protection it deserves.

More Than Just Appearance

It’s more than a nice coat of wax. Consider the wear and tear of the elements on your car, year in and year out. Between rain, frost and dust, it’s a wonder that your paint remains as secure to your vehicle as it does. But without proper protection, there’s no guarantee that it’ll last.
Our buffing and waxing services provide protection to your paint, which in turn protects your car from rust and ruin. If you keep your car shining, you don’t need to worry as much about corrosion or body frailty.
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