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5 Occasions (Other Than Selling) When You Should Detail Your Car

Car Owner
Car owners enjoy a clean vehicle, but there are times when it's particularly important. While most people only think about detailing their car when they're trying to sell it, many other occasions call for giving your vehicle a more thorough cleaning. What are these occasions, and why does it matter?
Here are a few times when detailing makes sense.
1. Before Special Events
Do you plan to use your car for a big day, like a wedding, family reunion, or anniversary? Then get it professionally cleaned beforehand. One way to put a damper on your festive mood during a fancy event with friends or family is to realize that your car's condition is a little embarrassing. 
If you'll be dressed up in formal attire, such as for a wedding or anniversary party, you don't want a dirty car to soil dresses or new suits. A clean car will complement fancy apparel almost as much as a new one would — but for a lot less cost. 
2. As a Gift
Treat yourself or your loved one to something special for a special day, like a birthday or graduation. It lasts longer than flowers or dinner, and it's much more practical.
A gifted detail sends a high school graduate off to college or a college grad to their first job with a car in good condition. It could be a thanks to people who've helped you during some trial of life or a way to give a newlywed couple one less thing to worry about as they begin a new chapter. 
3. When Seasons Change
Weather is one of the harshest things your car faces, and it continues to affect the car both inside and outside all year long. From California smog and road pollution to mountain travel in snow and ice, your car takes the brunt of the elements in winter and summer. Spring may bring pollen and grass to allergy sufferers, and fall often means extra debris as the leaves change and rain comes. 
So before or after a rough weather season, detail the prior weather off your car for a clean start to the new one. 
4. During Annual Maintenance
Even if the weather didn't beat up your car, grime and debris build up over time. And a vacuum or car wash brushes can only do so much. At least once or twice per year, your vehicle should receive a thorough cleaning to remove debris before it damages the paint, clean stains from the carpet or upholstery, and apply fresh wax to keep the exterior in good condition. 
Think of car maintenance like spring cleaning for your house. It's an opportunity to clean out a trunk before things become forgotten, to make sure the engine is in good condition, and to fix small problems in the glass or paint before they become big ones. 
5. Around Road Trips
Love road trips? They make great vacations and lifelong memories. But they also call for spending more time in your car and on strange roads than at any other time of the year. Some owners like to do a car detailing just before heading out. This ensures that the car is in good shape to have kids, pets, and other loved ones in safely. Headlights shine better for night travel, windows are clean, and the engine is ready for a long ride.
Other car owners prefer to do a detailing after the road trip is done. This wipes off all the grime you accumulated along the way — both inside and outside — from the weather, dusty roads, and your kids sharing snacks in the back seat. 
If you're ready to spruce up your car for any of these great reasons — or just because — visit us at Grand Prix Car Wash San Pablo today. We'll get your ride ready for whatever life has in store for it.