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Going on a Road Trip? 4 Ways to Organize Your Car

Going on a Road Trip
Long road trips can be incredibly stressful. In addition to figuring out how to get to your destination, you might also struggle with bored kids, pets, and messy car interiors. Fortunately, by doing a few things before you leave and along the way, you can lower your stress levels and keep your car comfortable. Here are four ways to keep your car organized during a road trip.

1. Analyze Your Mess

One of the easiest and most effective ways to keep your car organized during travel is by analyzing your mess before you leave. A few days before your trip, head out to your car to take notes about your most common messes. Pay attention to the debris in the center consoles, side-door pockets, and backseat area.

Write down the most common messes so that you can identify how to prevent problems during your trip. For instance, if you notice a lot of fast-food wrappers, you may need to dine in at restaurants instead of eating food on the go. If you are a receipt-keeper and you notice loads of old papers in your side doors, consider going paperless for your trip.

As you inspect your car, try to determine who has been making the messes. Oftentimes, a single careless passenger or rogue toddler can create several messes, which might prompt you to set a few new car rules for your upcoming journey. 

2. Start With a Clean Slate

After you have a good idea of how your car became messy, start your trip off on the right foot by working with a professional auto detailer. Ask to have your car washed and the entire inside carefully detailed, and don't skimp on extras like odor removal and exterior waxing. In addition to making your car smell like new, many additional services could protect the outside of your car during the trip.

Professional detailers will place left objects or papers in a plastic sack after the cleaning, and it is crucial to take these items inside when you get home so they don't re-pollute your tidy car interior. Put each of these items away, and do your best not to let them back into your clean car.

3. Have a Convenient Place for Things

While you can hide a lot in your glove compartment, stashing items in places where they can't be accessed conveniently is a recipe for a mess and added stress. If you cram everything into your glove compartment or center console, you might make more of a mess trying to find the things you need during your trip.

Instead, create a convenient place for everything you need in the car, including hand wipes, phone chargers, snacks, and children's toys. If you don't have enough storage space for everything you need, consider investing in fabric storage containers that are designed to hang over the back of your seats.

Before you leave, sit in your car with your family to see if everyone has access to the things they need. If they don't, move objects to prevent confusion and messes.  

4. Clean During Gas Stops

No matter how prepared you are before a big road trip, you can't predict when someone might sneak a drink cup into the car or decide to tear a piece of paper to shreds. To keep messes from piling up, take a few minutes to clean out your car whenever you stop to fill your car with gas.

In addition to tossing garbage and unwanted snacks, take advantage of the complimentary window cleaning supplies gas stations offer. When your windows are clean and tidy, your car feels cleaner from the inside.

Enjoy a crisp, clean car again after your trip by letting us help! Here at Grand Prix Car Wash, we offer everything from professional car washes and interior detailing to engine cleaning and hand waxing. Stop by today to enjoy a tidier, more relaxing car.