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Cars are Washed with Filtered Water!
Give your vehicle the care it deserves
with our detailing services.

Stay Moving with Style

Californian traffic is a dirty business. A lot of grit and dirt gets tossed up from the tarmac, coating your ride with an unwanted face job. Dust clouds carried on the breeze can make your freshly washed car look like an antique in a matter of moments.
When you’re always on the go, getting a car wash may feel inconvenient or cumbersome. But you wouldn’t know it here at Grand Prix Car Wash. We make a point of getting you back on the road in shape and style. Our several washing arrangements are designed to cater to your individual needs.

Standard Wash Packages

When you’re just needing a standard wash, our Silver package is what you’re looking for. We’ll give you the full service your car deserves, from washing the exterior to vacuuming the interior, and coating down your tires.

The Gold package is when you want a little extra. Our tire dressing gives your tires a slick black sheen, providing a strong contrast to the rest of your car. It’ll make your colors pop.
Finally, the Platinum package offers a more in-depth treatment. Your car will feel and stay fresh for longer.
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Customize Your Experience

Whatever your particular needs, we can handle them. Come on in for every detail from waxing to shampooing your carpets and seats. We’ll take care of your vehicle with professionalism and precision.

Get Your Wash in Today

Don’t leave your car’s care in the hands of just anyone. Grand Prix Car Wash devotes its crew and resources to making cars their most presentable. We’ll keep your Fiats flashy and your Mustangs moving with grace and power.